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FameEX Hot Topics | Robert Kennedy Jr. Vows to Put an End to White House Efforts Against Bitcoin, Advocates for a 'Currency of Freedom' Beyond Government Control

2023-10-08 15:36:05

U.S. presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (RFK Jr.) has made a bold promise to bring an end to the White House's ongoing confrontation with Bitcoin should he be elected as the President of the United States. In a recent interview with Bitcoin Magazine, published on Wednesday, RFK Jr. delved into various topics, including his stance on Bitcoin. As the son of the former U.S. Attorney General and Senator Robert F. Kennedy and the nephew of the former U.S. President John F. Kennedy, his words carry substantial weight.

RFK Jr. articulated his commitment to the cryptocurrency realm, stating: "I'm going to make sure that Bitcoin is protected, that people can retain ownership of their wallets, that the current White House campaign against Bitcoin comes to an end, and that we actively promote and safeguard transactions."

Furthermore, he expressed his intent to explore the possibility of classifying Bitcoin as a currency rather than a commodity, particularly for smaller Bitcoin holders. When questioned about his strategies for implementing these policies, Kennedy disclosed: "I will use all available means without resorting to Congress, primarily through my control over Treasury policy. Many of the detrimental policies concerning Bitcoin are not rooted in legislation; they are a product of White House policies. I intend to put an end to this war."

Addressing concerns about government interference in Bitcoin mining, RFK Jr. emphasized: "I am deeply concerned about the numerous government assaults on Bitcoin. My aim is to introduce Treasury bills backed by hard currency, encompassing Bitcoin, platinum, gold, silver, and other tangible assets."

Kennedy Jr. elucidated that his interest in Bitcoin was piqued during the Ottawa truckers' strike, where peaceful protesters faced harsh measures, including the arbitrary closure of bank accounts without any charges or convictions. He recounted how government surveillance tactics were employed to identify the protesters and subsequently deprive them of access to their own funds, all without legal basis. He stressed the importance of preserving freedom in financial transactions, drawing parallels to the trajectory toward central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) that could grant governments unprecedented power over individuals' lives.

"In recognizing this trend, I have come to the conclusion that we require a currency of freedom, one that is autonomous and beyond government control," RFK Jr. cautioned. If elected President, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. appears poised to champion Bitcoin as a symbol of financial freedom and personal empowerment, vowing to put an end to the White House's adversarial stance toward this emerging digital asset.

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