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Winners Of The Toyota GR Cup Will Get Digital Awards On The Polygon Blockchain

2023-08-02 15:19:31

Toyota is no longer holding off on investigating how to use blockchain technology into its business and development ecosystems.


The Polygon blockchain will be used by Toyota Gazoo Racing to record driver accomplishments and give digital prizes in the Toyota GR Cup, a racing series hosted in North America.  A press statement states that digital medals for podium finishers—drivers who place first, second, or third in a race—will be a feature of the new on-chain rewards system. In addition, race and driver performance information will be included in the ledger entries.

The purpose of the initiative, stated Jack Irving, executive commercial head of Toyota Racing Development (TRD), is to display drivers' successes so that fans may engage with them. The GR Cup and Toyota's Gazoo Racing league were intended to be fan-focused events. Like the storylines of many of the best-selling racing video games today, real-world GR Cup racers begin with a stock car (a Toyota GR86 in this case) with just factory options. After that, the driver's car is taken to a TRD garage (a gazoo is slang for garage), where it is outfitted with genuine Toyota racing equipment. Because every driver's hardware is the same across the grid, this puts them on an even playing field when the race begins. Since at least 2016, when Toyota joined the R3 Consortium in a collaboration to study and advance blockchain technology, the firm has been active in the blockchain field. After that, in 2019, the business opened its Toyota Blockchain Lab.

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Currently, it's unknown if the firm plans to mint any kind of digital memorabilia or if fans will be able to engage directly with digital trophies. When asked for a response, TRD did not respond right then. Drivers are going to be able to quickly and easily retrieve their prior successes, both before and after competitions, according to the press release. The series' upcoming races are scheduled for August 4-6 in Nashville, Tennessee's Big Machine Music City Grand Prix.

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