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What Does CBDC Mean for Crypto
CBDCs (central bank digital currencies) are being talked about by an increasing number of people as a way for governments to improve on fiat money. But what does this development mean for crypto investors?
Tracking the California BitLicense
The California State Assembly has unanimously passed a ‘Digital Financial Assets Regulation’ bill. If signed into law by Governor Newsom, this bill would require businesses engaged in crypto financial services to be licensed before being able to conduct any business with a resident of the state of California.
The Merge. Ethereum: What to Expect?
Ethereum is about to undergo a major hard fork, known as ‘The merge’; it represents the culmination of Ethereum’s plan to transition from proof of work to proof of stake. Not without controversy within the crypto community, this change nevertheless will be, one way or another, the biggest event in crypto this year. In this article we will tell you what you need to know in order to prepare.
Will ETH Dethrone BTC?
In the crypto market, Bitcoin reigns supreme, as the first ever decentralized cryptocurrency and the most well-known, it dominates the market cap rankings. But could its age become its downfall?
A Beginners Experience with Grid Trading
Last week I decided to try grid trading on FAMEEX for the first time. In this article I’ll walk you through what I did, and how I would do it differently next time so you can learn from my mistakes
Are Supply Chain Cryptocurrencies Making a Comeback?
Supply chain blockchain was hyped as the foremost use case for blockchain a few years ago, was the hype justified? What happened to those projects?
Is Crypto Haram or Halal?
Indonesian Islamic scholars recently ruled against “Using” cryptocurrency, but crypto is becoming more popular among Muslims. Who is right?
ESG How Does Bitcoin Stack Up?
The environmental impact of Bitcoin is only getting larger, but how does it hold up in terms of social benefits and governance? Do the benefits outweigh the dangers?
The Fed Killed Crypto? How has CPI Impacted the Crypto Markets?
Are central bank interest rate raises having any further dampening effect on the cryptocurrency markets or are they priced in..
AAVE Joins the Stablecoin Craze
The stablecoin industry is expanding with more projects releasing stablecoins, both Tether and Aave are releasing new stablecoins, Maker is also adding new collateral to DA.
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