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FameEX Afternoon Crypto News Recap | April 10, 2023

2023-04-10 16:29:15

Investment Manager Predicts Sharp Depreciation of US Dollar Within Next Five Years
According to investment manager Larry Lepard, the US dollar is at risk of losing most of its value in the next 5-10 years. He attributes this to the US government's seizure of $600 billion of Russian currency reserves during the Russia-Ukraine war, which, in his opinion, has initiated another round of currency debasement. Lepard argues that this event sends a warning to other countries that the US can take their money if they fail to meet its expectations.

A Proposal from Texas Lawmakers: A State Digital Currency Backed by Gold
Texas lawmakers have proposed bills for a state-backed digital currency backed by gold, defying objections from some US legislators against a central bank digital currency. The bills aim to integrate the currency into current financial institutions while evaluating the potential risks and benefits of the proposal.

America's First Nuclear-Powered Bitcoin Mine Achieves Record-Breaking Zero-Carbon Energy Rate
TeraWulf's Nautilus has made history as America's inaugural nuclear-powered Bitcoin mine by achieving a remarkable feat in March 2023. The facility fueled its 9,200 miners entirely with nuclear energy, attaining a staggering 91% rate of zero-carbon energy. This breakthrough sets a new standard in the cryptocurrency industry and highlights the promising role of sustainable energy sources in powering energy-intensive operations like Bitcoin mining.

Sushiswap Reports Losses of Over $3M due to Smart Contract Bug; Head Chef Recovers Hundreds of ETH
Sushiswap, the decentralized exchange (dex) protocol, suffered over $3 million in losses due to a smart contract bug, as per multiple reports. The affected contract was deployed across various blockchains, and blockchain and smart contract security company Peckshield confirmed the incident.

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