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FameEX Hot Topics | US Tax Agency Considers Taxing NFTs as Collectibles

2023-03-22 11:30:25

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is looking into whether NFTs should be classified as collectibles, a recent notice reveals. The agency is using a "look-through analysis" to determine if an NFT should fall under the category of collectibles, as defined in the tax code. According to the notice, "A gem is a collectible under section 408(m); therefore, an NFT that certifies ownership of a gem is a collectible." This suggests that NFTs associated with physical assets, such as gems or other collectibles, may be classified as collectibles for tax purposes.Shehan Chandrasekera, the head of tax strategy at CoinTracker, welcomed the notice, saying it offers clarity to an area that had lacked guidance. Although the IRS's analysis is not final, it provides useful insights into how NFTs may be taxed in the future.

The classification of NFTs as collectibles has significant tax implications. Collectibles are subject to a higher capital gains tax rate of 28%, compared to the 20% rate applied to other long-term capital gains. This means that if an NFT is classified as a collectible, its sale could be subject to a higher tax rate. In addition, the holding period for collectibles is longer than for other assets. An asset must be held for more than one year to qualify for the lower capital gains tax rate. However, for collectibles, the holding period is increased to more than a year and a half. Therefore, an NFT classified as a collectible would need to be held for at least 18 months to qualify for the lower tax rate.

The IRS's examination of NFTs is part of a broader effort to clarify how cryptocurrency transactions are taxed. For several years, the agency has been working to provide clearer guidance on how to report and pay taxes on cryptocurrency transactions.In conclusion, the IRS's investigation into whether NFTs should be classified as collectibles is of great importance to NFT creators and investors. Although the IRS's analysis is not final, it offers useful insights into how NFTs may be taxed in the future. It is crucial for those involved in NFT transactions to consult with tax professionals to ensure they are in compliance with the latest tax laws and regulations.

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