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Elon Musk Is Introducing The Artificial Intelligence Platform TruthGPT Which Seeks The Truth

2023-04-18 14:49:20

On April 17, the tech mogul announced it in a Fox interview.


Elon Musk reportedly revealed to Fox News host Tucker Carlson on April 17 that he is creating a ChatGPT competitor called "TruthGPT," a large language model (LLM) that Musk claims would be taught to investigate the secrets of the cosmos. ‘’I'm starting something that I'll call TruthGPT, which is a mostly truth-seeking AI that seeks to solve the nature of the cosmos.’’

In Musk’s opinion, this truth-seeking AI will also combat what he sees as left-wing bias in the sector. Carlson was informed by Musk that ChatGPT is programmed by left-wing experts, which trains the chatbots to lie. The actual problem, mentioned Carlson, "is not just that it will become free and make us all slaves, but that it will govern our knowledge of truth and do it in an extremely unfair way." Carlson also mentioned that it may be made to lie to people for political purposes.

A few weeks after signing a petition asking for a halt to related research in order to consider safety issues, Musk also seemed to address worries about his entry into the competitive LLM market, which he signalled with the purchase of reportedly 10,000 GPUs:

In the sense that an AI that cares about knowing the world is unlikely to wipe out humans because we are a fascinating component of the cosmos, I believe this may be the safest course of action. Musk claimed that although he put a lot of effort into developing OpenAI as a rival to Google, he took his eye off the ball.

Musk has since stated that he intends to build a competitor to the AI products offered by tech titans Microsoft and Google. During the Carlson interview, Musk stated, "We're going to start something, which I call TruthGPT. It is what Musk called a maximum truth-seeking AI that cares about understanding the universe."

Musk remarked, "I'm hoping there's more good than bad." More recently, it has been rumored that Musk is developing a business for generative AI that might compete with OpenAI and ChatGPT. According to sources familiar with the billionaire's intentions, the Financial Times reported last week that Musk is assembling a team of AI academics and engineers and looking for investors for a new business. According to the article, which used Nevada business documents, Musk formed a corporation named X.AI last month.

When it comes to blockchain applications, artificial intelligence has also proven its potential. Cointelegraph has been covering a string of token exchanges made by ChatGPT-4 since March 17. ChatGPT-4 gave the following advice when asked how to divide $100 among other currencies and tokens: $50 for Bitcoin, $25 for Ether, $15 for Cosmos' ATOM, and $10 for non-fungible tokens and other Web3 projects. 

The chatbot asserted: The general tendency indicates that Bitcoin operates as a safe haven amid periods of financial instability, such as the most recent collapses of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank. Additionally, Bitcoin's market share is getting close to 50%, and some analysts anticipate a rise above $100,000.

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