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FameEX Morning Crypto News Recap | August 17, 2023

2023-08-17 12:09:26

Robert Kiyosaki Envisions Bitcoin Surging to $1 Million, Gold Reaching $75,000, and Silver Reaching $60,000 in the Event of Global Economic Turmoil
Robert Kiyosaki, 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' author, forecasts gold, silver, and bitcoin prices during a global economic collapse. He underscores soaring national debt, alerts about risks to the U.S. dollar, and stresses readiness for potential financial adversities.

Singapore Introduces Guidelines for Stablecoins, MAS to Classify Regulated Tokens
The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has introduced regulations to maintain stable value for regulated stablecoins. To earn the "MAS-regulated" label, issuers must meet specified criteria for their fiat-backed tokens within the city-state's framework.

US Representative Warren Davidson: 'Prohibiting CBDC Is Crucial for the Future of American Fintech'
US Congressman Warren Davidson emphasizes the importance of prohibiting central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) for the advancement of American fintech. He distinguishes between CBDCs and cryptocurrencies, urging against conflating the two concepts.

PayPal Halts Crypto Purchases in the UK Due to Regulatory Shifts; Plans to Resume in Early 2024
PayPal informs UK customers of a temporary halt in cryptocurrency purchases from October 1, 2023, with intentions to recommence in early 2024. During the pause, users can retain their crypto holdings within PayPal and have the option to sell them at their discretion.

Ledger Unveils Integration with U.S. PayPal, Enabling In-App Crypto Purchases
Hardware wallet maker Ledger partners with PayPal, announcing the integration of Ledger Live software. Verified U.S. PayPal users can conveniently purchase Bitcoin directly through Ledger Live without additional verification, streamlining the process as per the joint announcement on August 16.

Bitcoin Investors Hold the Lowest Amount of BTC Since the $69K All-Time Highs
Analytics firm Glassnode reports decreasing confidence among short-term Bitcoin holders (STH), with their supply reduced to 2.56 million BTC, according to their newsletter "The Week On-Chain." Glassnode suggests the current Bitcoin market might be "top heavy," indicating potential concerns.

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