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What is Blockchain?
Blockchain technology is the technology for storing transactional records, called blocks, of the public in several databases, called chains, in a network connected by peer-to-peer servers. These storages are usually called 'digital ledgers.'
What is Cryptocurrency?
Cryptocurrency are decentralized, digital, encrypted methods of exchange. Unlike the U.S. Dollar, Euro and other fiat currencies, the value of a cryptocurrency isn't managed by a central authority.
Mother’s Day is Coming, Why Not Cryptos?
Elon Musk gave her mother Dogecoin as a gift last year, and we have selected the top five cryptocurrencies for your mother's day gift.
frankfrank the NFT, What is it?
frankfrank is really a unique NFT project which stands out from the saturated NFT market, it’s trending on April 7, while many bluechips NFT holders like Cryptopunk, BAYC, Azuki, and mfers joined the frankfrank community pursuing this magical (illogical), hilarious culture, soaring the price again on the OpenSea.
Azuki: The Fastest Growing NFT
Azuki was first announced on January 12, 2022, and is an Ethereum-based profile picture project. This application was developed by four Los Angeles-based individuals who call themselves Chiru Labs. There are 10,000 anime-style PFP, each with their own unique characteristics and visual style.
Will ETH Dethrone BTC?
In the crypto market, Bitcoin reigns supreme, as the first ever decentralized cryptocurrency and the most well-known, it dominates the market cap rankings. But could its age become its downfall?
Are Supply Chain Cryptocurrencies Making a Comeback?
Supply chain blockchain was hyped as the foremost use case for blockchain a few years ago, was the hype justified? What happened to those projects?
Latin America Lean into Cryptocurrencies
The popularity of cryptocurrencies has been growing steadily and massively, particularly its blockchain technology, in Latin America.・Popularity of Bitcoin in Latin America・Adoption Across the Countries
Mexico Votes on Cryptocurrencies: a Boost to Bitcoin Adoption
The Mexican government is getting bullish on Bitcoin. Indira Kempis, a senator from Mexico, announced Thursday that the government will propose legislation to make bitcoin legal tender.• Legislation to be Proposed in Two Months• Latin America Early Adaptor
We Saw the Robinhood Listing Skyrocket the SHIB, And What's Next?
Robinhood APP added support for the $SHIB caused a hype on April 12, however the SHIB price is now corrected. It seems that the hype is over, but what’s next? Actually, there’s more.・SHIB : THE METAVERSE・Sophisticated SHIB Eco’s System
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