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Here Is What Occurred In The World Of Cryptocurrency Today

2023-09-22 16:14:06

Do you want to be aware of the latest crypto news? Here is the most recent information on daily patterns and events that affect the price of Bitcoin, blockchain, DeFi, NFTs, Web3, and cryptocurrency legislation.


The company that created Tether invested in Bitcoin miner Northern Data, which is an Ethereum expert convinced ChatGPT to release AstroPepeX, an ERC-20 token based on information collected about the most popular coins on Uniswap. Meanwhile, Mt. Gox payment date has also been postponed one more year, until October 31, 2024.

The Acquisition Of A Stake By Tether In The Bitcoin Miner Northern Data Suggests An AI Partnership

The company that created Tether has made a confidential investment in Northern Data Group, a German cryptocurrency miner, to support projects related to artificial intelligence (AI). When contacted for clarification by Cointelegraph, the corporation refused to provide a particular figure but denied the Forbes article claiming a $420 million commitment.

The investment is reportedly different from [its] assets and won't have an effect on client funds, according to Tether, whose USDT is the most valuable stablecoin by market value at exceeding $83 billion. A Northern Data Group spokesperson states that the money would be utilized to buy hardware that is commonly employed in the fields of artificial intelligence.

AstroPepeX, An AI-Generated Memecoin, Is Programmed By An ETH Programmer Utilizing ChatGPT

AstroPepeX, a ChatGPT ERC-20 coin based on information from the most actively transacted tokens on Uniswap, was just launched thanks to the efforts of an Ethereum programmer.

OpenAI's API was used by X (formerly Twitter) user CroissantETH to incorporate ChatGPT in an original application. They instructed it to create and release a custom ERC-20 coin with a $3.5 million market cap. After giving ChatGPT information on the top 10,000 exchanged tokens on Uniswap, the software engineer was able to get ChatGPT to be able to implement smart contract services on the Ethereum platform.

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