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FameEX Morning Crypto News Recap | April 3, 2023

2023-04-03 11:55:45

More Than 40% of Singaporeans Possess Cryptocurrency Holdings
An Independent Reserve survey recently disclosed that 43% of 1,500 Singaporean participants hold cryptocurrencies. This showcases a rising enthusiasm for digital assets, as the previous year's approximation stood at 40%. The present adoption level is on par with the 43% rate observed during the 2021 bull run, emphasizing the escalating appeal of cryptocurrencies among Singaporeans, irrespective of market fluctuations.

Supreme Court of Denmark Determines Bitcoin Profits are Taxable
Denmark's Supreme Court has ruled in two distinct cases that earnings from the sale of cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, are subject to taxation. These rulings, which concern instances involving cryptocurrency acquisitions, payments, and income from bitcoin mining, uphold the decisions previously made by lower courts.

Sales of Trump NFTs Skyrocket in Wake of Unprecedented Indictment
While March initially appeared to be a slow month for Trump NFT trading card sales, a sudden uptick happened towards the end of the month, following the indictment of former US President Donald Trump by a New York grand jury. This development resulted in higher prices and a boost in trading activity for the collection.

Bitcoin Study Soars to Top of Amazon's Best Seller Rankings
Jason Lowery's study, "Softwar: A Unique Perspective on Power Projection and Bitcoin's National Strategic Importance," stems from a 6-month Department of Defense-sponsored MIT research fellowship. Although it hasn't made Amazon's top 500 books, the report has maintained a high position in the digital currencies category and currently ranks second in both technology and engineering book classifications.

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