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Common Login Issues

2021/09/15 18:00:40

Please check our tutorial video to help you solve your problems or understand more related topics.

Here is our tutorial video: Common Login Issues


If you would like to know more details, please read the whole article below.


1.Unable to Log in:

  1. a) If you have already registered on FAMEEX, please make sure that your network is connected and working.

  2. b) Please confirm whether your account is frozen (or “locked”) due to login failure or inappropriate operation.

2. Incorrect Login Password: 

Your password must contain at least 6 to 20 characters, including one uppercase letter and one number. Please make sure whether you’re following the above rules for your passwords.

If you forget your password, you can click [Forget Password?] on the login page to reset it.

3. Not Receiving SMS Verification Codes

  1. a) If you didn’t receive Email/SMS verification codes, please check whether you’ve entered the correct registered email /mobile. 

  2. b) If you find that your email/mobile service provider is pushing our emails/messages into your spam folder, please whitelist our email address/phone number. 

  3. c) If you still can’t receive your verification code, please click [Send Code] again to get a new verification code.


4. Failed to Enter Your Verification Code

  1. a) Please make sure that you enter the latest and correct verification code.

  2. b) Please check whether your verification code is still valid.

  3. c) If it still doesn’t work, we suggest you refresh your webpage and get the new verification code.

If you still cannot log in under the above steps, please take a screenshot of your issue and contact our online customer service team. 

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