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About Assets

2021/09/22 18:10:00

Solve your problems and learn more about related topics through our tutorial video:

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Your assets can be stored in [Spot Wallet], [Margin Wallet] and [Derivatives Wallet].

1. Complete your deposit and withdrawal in [Spot Wallet].

Deposit: Your assets will be displayed in your [Spot Wallet] after being transferred. If you want to use margin/futures trading, please [Transfer] your funds from your [Spot Wallet] to your corresponding wallets.

Withdrawal: If you want to withdraw, please [Transfer] the assets to your [Spot Wallet] first.

2. How to operate?

(1) If you want to check assets information:

a. Log in to your account then scroll under [Assets] to check your total net asset value.

b. Click [Spot Wallet], [Margin Wallet] or [Derivatives Wallet] to view your history record in different wallets.

c. Your deposit will be stored in your [Spot Wallet], but you can [Transfer] the fund to other wallets.

(2) If you want to transfer your assets:

a. Enter [Assets] and click [Transfer].

b. Choose to which wallet you want to transfer, select the type and amount of token, then click [Confirm] to complete the process.

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